Sometimes, I realize what a long and varied road I have travelled before getting here. I have edited publications, worked with texts, worked behind the scenes at a language school as well as at a university as a PR manager, I have also been a sales and marketing expert not to mention a digital and media professional. Looking back, there seems to be a pattern: it was all about understanding each other, improving communication between people while everything around us is changing.
Of course, I have also learned a lot from the flow in my personal life. Friendships and relationships have begun and ended, my sons were born and have grown up in the process… The tons of equally awesome and sad experiences have led me to a great trust that change is something positive – it is more to our assistance in developing. Even if it is not very comfortable at that given moment.

In the long run, it was always worth to listen to my feelings, I have tried to use them as signals in making decisions. But I have also learned that it is important, to remain a so called ‘outsider’, too, in order to get real feedback from the environment and the people around me.
This duality gives me some balance and a permanently forming presence which cannot become fixed, and therefore is alive and flexible.
This is how I work – this kind of approach is the base of my entire activity. I strongly believe that change is not something you should ignore or resist, it is something you can subdue and be friend.

Free your mind - Trust change!


  • Economist (BGE, 2005)
  • Coaching:
    • Business Coaching Postgraduate Program (PTF, 2021)
    • Certified Coach&Mentor at the level of Senior Practitioner (EMCC, 2021)
    • Business&Life Coach (Sämling Solution Consulting, 2016)
  • Train The Trainer Program (Gold Training Program, 2017, Sämling Solution Consulting, 2020)
  • Organization Development Training (Sämling Solution Consulting, 2017-18)
  • more than 380 coaching sessions
  • more than 100 satisfied coaching clients
  • more than 5 years of experience

Working as a coach and mentor, I comply to the standards of EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council).


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